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With Play schools cropping up in every street, it is difficult to differentiate one from the other. We aim to be a second home. We aspire to pioneer Montessori approach in its true sense.


Any school can have an impressive array of materials and the superficial appearance of a “good” school, but “ Growing Wonders “ has far more to offer than just that. “ Growing Wonders “ resembles the family structure. Our success in nurturing development is probably due in large part of the fact that it is modelled on natural family-like patterns of teaching-learning. 


"Growing wonders" is a part of Sujay Group, a name to reckon within the outdoor advertising industry.  With more than FOUR decades of experience in innovating the outdoor media, we have now rightly diversified into the field of early childhood education.

"Growing wonders" was born out of the need for "holistic development". It is managed by people who are very well-educated and motivated to "make a difference". "Growing Wonders" board of consultants and advisors includes renowned and experienced trainers from various streams of education.


The Adult's-In-Charge and the assistants are all committed Montessori trained having experience not only in the Montessori Method of education but also in relating to young developing minds. 

Most importantly,

"Growing wonders" is backed by people who are experienced, highly qualified and passionate about contributing for a “fruitful future” of the children. 


Working with children for over 15 years and nurtured nearly 5000 childrern.


Recognized by

Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) since 2008


The Best Montessori School in Karnataka by Praxis Media Delhi.


Learner centric environment encouraging hands on activities.  

Creativity finding expression in an environment of Freedom.



Purpose-built infrastructure - with the child as our focus, every Growing Wonders centre has been built keeping their needs in mind.

100% Montessori approach - A Montessori environment that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of the child. Our complete set of Montessori materials and only Montessori trained adults, ensures holistic development of the self. 

Holistic development through value based education - while we follow the Montessori methodology, we meet the need of the hour through holistic, value-based education.

Teacher-student ratio - we maintain an ideal student-teacher ratio of 1:20. 

Excursions and field trips for experience of practical life - there is no greater teacher than life and the simplest, most effective way to learn is to make it memorable. Trips to the grocers or the bank, where kids get a first-hand experience will ensure a lasting memory.

Parent and teacher seminars - while the child learns, there is so much we learn from the child, and these are shared through parent and teacher seminars. We have created an open forum for discussion and exchange of ideas, ways to better ourselves as parents and teachers, and eventually the betterment of society at large.
Empanelled doctors for medical emergencies - we believe in being prepared. In case of any medical emergency and our empanelled doctors are just a phone call away. 

Experienced and practising advisory panel - our advisory panel consists of people who are passionate about education and understand its relevance.

Highly educated and passionate promoters - Growing Wonders is promoted by visionaries, whose goal is to make an impact in early education and bettering society by nurturing global citizens.

Children’s personality analysis and reports - to add to our understanding of the child, we provide personality analysis reports. This not only helps to tackle any social concerns within the environment but also helps to strengthen parent-child bonding.


In 1897, Maria Montessori began to evolve an educational approach based on a model of human development. It is characterised by emphasis of a child’s innate path of psychological development and self- construction through interaction with their environment.


At Growing Wonders, we understand that the Montessori program serves as an ideal approach to holistic development of the child. we also strongly believe that the need of the hour is “ value-based ” education and this we inculcate in all children through various activities.



“ It is a very beautiful and a homely environment. Probably one that Dr.Montessori envisaged as a house of children .I will hope that the work done here will be true to the spirit and practice of Montessori thought and philosophy. With my best wishes for a lot of constructive growth. I bless all at Growing Wonders.”

- Meenakshi .Sivaramakrishna

Reach Us


Thank you for your interest in Growing Wonders. We will get back to you soon.

No.428/29. 40th Cross, 5th Block, Jayanagar. B'lore 41 
+91-72595 90409 / 78991 28787 / 94492 72875

No.1, 1st Main Rd, Gavipuram, K'Nagar. B'lore  19
+91-95905 54453 / 78991 63636

Valiants Academy Campus - Off K'pura Rd 
Sy.No. 114/3, Kengeri Hobli, B M Kaval, Off Kanakapura Road. Bangalore 560 062
+91-72595 90409 / 78991 28787



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