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Myths About Montessori


Myth #1: Montessori Is Only for the Wealthy

Maria Montessori originally started her development of the Montessori education for disabled and disadvantaged children; although, it was her goal to extend Montessori to all types of children. Today, you can find Montessori in many variations and price points, completely depending on additional activities added in or the community the school is set in.

Myth #2: The Montessori Classroom is Unstructured and Children Can Do What They Want All Day.

Although the children have more freedom in a Montessori classroom to choose their “work” and activities – there is still plenty of structure and a schedule set for the day. They don’t have the day scheduled out down to the minute, but there is a schedule. In most Montessori schools, they have blocks of times where they are to do their “works”. The child can, of course, choose which work he/she wants to work on, and some days they pick something they have done over and over, while other days they are encouraged to try something new and more challenging. A Montessori environment is the perfect mix of freedom, independence and structure. As for the Montessori classroom itself, it is organized and orderly! 


Myth #3: Montessori Curriculum is Not Strongly Academic; Child May Fall Behind.

This is one of the most common myths. Allowing children to learn at their pace does not mean the children will lag behind. If anything, the Montessori method encourages a strong grasp of concepts as against rote learning that is dependent on memory.


Myth #4: Montessori is “All Work and No Play”

“play is the work of the child”- Maria Montessori

This goes back to the schedule and structure of their day. There is plenty of work and academic/learning time – but their daily schedule still has plenty of time for play – such as music / dance and recess! Also, to an adult, learning how to count, pour, tie their shoe, set the table, mix colors, etc sounds like work – but to a little kid – that is still play and fun! Stacking blocks (The Pink Tower) from smallest to largest – is learning about size and balance, while they think they are just building a tower! 


Myth #5: Montessori Teachers Are Too Strict

The entire Montessori method is built on respect for children, adults, our planet, our possessions, everything.Respect. This sometimes can come off as being strict, but if you really watch and see it day in and day out, the difference will become obvious. 

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